Rideshare Green Light Hub Las Vegas

Hi there and welcome to ubergreenlighthubLasVegas.com I have the address beneath this video and the opening times. If you have any general questions and you may want to save yourself a trip down there, I’m available 365 days a year. You can simply email or text me. 99.9% of the time I can give you a good answer to your question, okay. So why do people go down to the hub? They usually go down for activation or because of deactivation issues. In the activation process you will need your driver’s license, your insurance documents, your registration details and your banking details. However if you want to do it through the app, through a link like I have beneath this video, that is when you get the Uber guarantee or the Uber bonus in Vegas. If you sign up directly with a hub, you may be missing out on that referral bonus or referral guarantee, okay. So follow that link if you want to join and again if you have questions my email, my number or beneath this video. Drive safe and have a fantastic day in Vegas. Cheers.

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